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Current Parents and Penguins

In this section you will be able to access documents to download to your computer, get the weekly update, as well as media that we think will be helpful for your performers!





Mentor Tips:



Mentoring is a big job!

We are very proud of you for wanting to help others in such a unique and important way,

and we are here to help you

every step of the way!



Here are some important keys to building a successful relationship with your artist:




We want you and your artist to form a close friendship. Get to know your artist.

What makes them laugh?

What is their favorite junk food?

We all have so much more

in common than we realize!



Capability of Mentor:

Make sure you understand what your job is.

If you are unsure, ASK!

Previous experience is helpful,

but not necessary.



Capability of Artist:

NEVER understimate your artist! 

Know that they bring their own tools 

for success with them wherever they go!




Become someone your artist can depend on by being consistent in your attitude, your energy, and your friendship!




Attendance is so important.

Make sure that your artist and

the Penguin Project are your priority.




Supportive qualities such as understanding, concern, trust, and teamwork are important, and so is having fun. 

Negative energy can upset and confuse not only your artist, but others in the program as well. If you have a concern, 

let us know how we can help.




Get to know your artist and their family. Do they have any brothers or sisters?

When is their birthday?

Where do they live? All of this can help you

form a closer bond with your artist.

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